A financial planner is a must

Most people realise the importance of financial planning these days. They know planning is a must if they want to meet their various life goals. That explains why most people would spend months hunting for the "perfect" financial advisor or planner who would come up with a "brilliant" plan to help them meet their child's education, sponsor their foreign holiday, save for retirement in Goa and so on. Sadly, they grossly undermine their own role in the financial planning process. They don't realise the information provided by them can make or break a plan.

"A financial plan is totally dependent on the information provided by clients and if the individual does not realise what she wants or fails to communicate it to her financial planner, there is a possibility that she may get a financial plan that may not help her reach her financial goals," says Ranjit Dani, certified financial planner with Nagpur-based Think Consultants.
bipin kumar 
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