By-pankaj choubey
Nokia is ready with a slew of phones and an overhauled operating system to take on smart phone rivals. Can it outwit the competition? After spending most of 2009 in the shadows of rival smart phone makers like Apple, Nokia is eager to get its share of the limelight. At the core of its strategy is an overhauled operating system called Symbian 3, a slew of smart phones with aggressive price tags and a brand new operating system, MeeGo, which will be showcased later this year.
India is the largest market for mobile phones in the world — 11 to 12 million are bought every month. But competition is cutthroat. All the world’s top brands compete with over two dozen Indian gutter fighters for a share of the pie. Little surprise, the lower and mid segments of the market are not meant for the fainthearted. At the top end, the world of smart phones, there is still some sanity left, though it could soon be a free-for-all there too.