Market will be very choppy for next few weeks: Jigar Shah

GAAR is playing on the minds of the people. Those people who are directly affected and those who are not affected, both are looking at some clarity on this issue and perhaps that is detering people to probably use their cash.

The second aspect is whether the central bank will cut the interest rate or not. That is also going to be very crucial because the market is lacking a trigger. It is not that the market is having lots of risk factors which are unknown. That was the situation four-five months back but now most of the things are known and they are priced in. But there is no trigger yet for the market to go up and that is because of the interest rate.

Interest rate will be a key determinant and if it is pushed back to let's say June, that is not going to be very good for the sentiment of the market and people would still keep their cash with them or probably invest in some high yielding debt. So I feel market will be very choppy and range bound for the next few weeks. 

bipin kumar karn
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