Retail Banking / Payment Innovations 2011

The only event in the financial services industry that focuses on innovation, Retail Banking/Payment Innovations (RBPI) highlights outstanding financial products and services around the world.
The average banking customer has too many options and too little time. Often, we find that innovation is not about interrupting people with big full-page ads, smoothing the edges or going for the middle ground. It is about identifying a market with a need and delivering what they really want.
Banks wanting to innovate will have to ask these questions: What do innovators across industries have in common? What do customers really want from new channels such as mobile banking and payments? How can we choose the right opportunities and identify markets worth investing in? What platforms and capabilities will we need to be the leading bank?
In its third year, Retail Banking/Payment Innovations 2011 offers an efficient way to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in banking. Drawing on strategies from across industries, the agenda is built around real-world concerns of bankers in the region.
Highlighting innovative products and services in the financial services industry that are worth spreading the word about, the event will continue to insure senior executives who seek success and look to navigate the turbulent market by staying on top of the wave.
With top-notch speakers delivering industry-leading case studies and an honest, in-depth panel discussion, engage in a conversation that will help you deliver real outcomes and gain practicable insights.